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A lover of the liberal arts, especially antiquity in its diverse forms, I am nonetheless wholly devoted to, utterly transformed by divine revelation. I seek to know the thought of the past, articulate my deepest longings aroused by the wise, and understand the uneasy relationship between reason and revelation; all for the sake of proper action and contemplation, both now and in the future.


Seminar Paper Due 5 November.

I think that's really funny, actually - having my paper due on November 5. "Remember, remember, the fifth of November...."

Yeah. I saw V for Vendetta. I thought I was going to hate it, but guess what? I adored it. It was the coolest thing ever. Yeah, people are going to hate me for that, just like they did with Constantine and Equilibrium, two other movies that are awesome. But so what? I don't care what they think.

So life here is pretty cool. I am part of the Anime Club, the Economics Study Group, taking piano lessons from Mr. Pesic, and helping out Ms. Johnson with Chorus. I actually don't know about that part, since we talked about it right before the concert, but whatever! If I can help, great. If not, oh well.

I think I want my paper to be on The Iliad - the character and redemption of Achilleus. How will I do this? I will contrast the character of Achilleus with that of Priam - I am convinced that after his meeting with Priam, Achilleus is a changed dude. As I have said before, it is not as complete as I would like - Achaia, after all, was still a dark world - Christ was not to be born for a thousand years.

Even so, Achilleus is an Achaian gentlemen. And that exites me about The Iliad. I will talk about that theme with Ms. Ames or Mr. Carey or Mr. Pagano.

Life is good. I am so priviliged to be here. I have absolutely no idea what I will do when I graduate but God does. I'll ask Him from time to time.


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