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A lover of the liberal arts, especially antiquity in its diverse forms, I am nonetheless wholly devoted to, utterly transformed by divine revelation. I seek to know the thought of the past, articulate my deepest longings aroused by the wise, and understand the uneasy relationship between reason and revelation; all for the sake of proper action and contemplation, both now and in the future.


The End of the Hiatus

And five months later I return. I spent the summer at HoneyRock again, working as a wrangler. I met some great people, reconnected with some old friends, and had a blast working at the barn. The odds are good that I will return next year.

All that ended the third week of August. I tore home on the bus, and left for Santa Fe a few days later. And here I am, back in the desert. I know I made the right choice. I do not regret transferring to Annapolis, but now I know what I missed whilst I was away. I suppose such knowledge comes with maturity.

And speaking of, I am now 20. I am no longer the crazy, enthusiastic 19 year old boy - I must pass that by and put away childish things. I want to grow up and become a man. It's not exactly the easiest thing in the world, especially on a college campus, but I am resolved to do so. Whilst studying at St. John's, I am working on theology, music, and hopefully exercise and language. I do not want to return to the horrors of freshman year, when I could not manage time to save my life. I am a little older and a little wiser (not nearly enough of either); I have discovered (no great surprise) that all it takes is self control. So....don't become distracted by StarCraft or the Internet; if you do, you will feel disgust towards yourself. It's simply not becoming of a man.

That, then, is my quick resolution. Let's ignore the past two hours and put it into practice. Cha.