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A lover of the liberal arts, especially antiquity in its diverse forms, I am nonetheless wholly devoted to, utterly transformed by divine revelation. I seek to know the thought of the past, articulate my deepest longings aroused by the wise, and understand the uneasy relationship between reason and revelation; all for the sake of proper action and contemplation, both now and in the future.


Farewell Blogger.

For the time being, at least. I am going to be in northern Wisconsin for the next two months so this is a temporary goodbye. I hope to continue posting because honestly, it's too much fun.

Goodbye for now. But not for good! Keep up the crusade for liberty


Leaving, Birthdays, Summer Music

My birthday is tomorrow. I will be 18 years of age. Many people are older than this but I am in all honesty quite excited. I have a great God who is patient with me, a great family and great friends. I have been blessed beyond what I can imagine. I just need to remember that when I can't pay my tuition bill.

18 is a pretty cool year. It's the year when most guys start thinking about joining the Army. Most just toy with the idea and then put it aside. For years I was certain I wasn't going to do that. I knew that I would enlist on my 18th birthday. But God had other ideas.

St. John's just landed in my lap. I have no idea where it came from or how it found me. But I fell in love with it, visited, applied, and was accepted. So on 28 August I leave for Santa Fe, New Mexico to study Philosophy and Mathematics, with a double minor in music and language. It will be intense, reading all those classics, but it will be time worth spent.

Also in the last year I became a spiritual member of the Roman Catholic Church. I didn't see that coming either. I knew they were heretics. But God saw fit to enlighten me and used many people to bring me home. This is a shout out to people like Victoria and Ben who cured my misconceptions and set me on the quest for truth. Thanks be to God, for truth is a real concept and can be attained.

18 is a cool year. I can vote, participate in the process of choosing our great Republic's leaders, as cynical as I may be about the whole process. One doesn't become a libertarian/anarcho capitalist without a healthy dose of cynicism. But a little more cynicism could save the world! Spam? Gone. Sales calls? Gone. Media advertisements? Gone. Politicians? Dead. See? It is a marvelous concept.

It will be a good year. I have enjoyed being 17, and believe that it was the best year of my life to date. I learned a lot and I even changed a lot. I never thought that would happen, that I could say, "I'm not the same person I was six months ago." But now I can.

Soli Gloria Deo Patris, Deo Filius, et Deo Spiritus Sanctus! Amen.


Piano Engagement

I play for Mr. Alan St. George again tomorrow morning.

I leave for HoneyRock 18 June.

I turn 18 in six days.

I leave for St. John's College 28 August.

Wahoo! Lots of stuff is happening all at once.

Aren't I glad this blog is private? Yes I am