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Congratulations, Private "Ripper" Jackson

On 23 February 2007, a new dog was drafted into the Canine Special Forces Security Division. The applicant, a certain "Ripper" Jackson is currently in training, set for graduation this summer.

Jack is a massive black Lab/Chow mix, very mellow but powerful when he wants to be. He'll fit in well after things settle down.

The first two years of his life have been harried. He was first in an animal shelter, then with a family, then another family, and now us. I hope he never leaves. He needs a home. Dogs are like that. I think all domesticated dogs have an instinct to settle down on a spot of territory to call their own. They're a lot like us.

There has been and will continue to be problems within the ranks in regards to our new addition. First Sergeant Killit is intensely jealous of the affection we pour upon the new arrival, and occasionally fights break out amongst the two. But already these are becoming rare, and I expect the two dogs to eventually become the best of friends.

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