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Running Update: Week 3.

I easily made a 1.2 mile run late last week and then again the following Monday. But I realized, since it took more than ten minutes, that my pace was abhominably slow. I then had a choice to make: I could either continue with my slow, twelve-minute mile pace and easily hit four miles per run, or I could double my pace and see what happened.

I chose the latter, and .3 miles at a six or seven minute mile pace turned me into a gasping, winded beast, both weak and exhausted. I continued in this vein, running till I could not, then a short walk break, for 1.2 miles, and this I did for a few days. By Wednesday my legs were so sore I could scarcely move them, so I decided, alas, to cut the week short. I only made six miles last week, and seem farther than ever from my four mile goal.

My legs and feet should be ready for tomorrow's run in particular and the coming week in general. So here is my plan: I shall continue the 1.2 miles for this week, not increasing the distance. Rather, my goal is to make it .6 miles at a quick pace - 6 or 7.30. The week after I shall strive for the whole distance - to the stop sign and back - and then increase it by a mile each week till 17 August. In this way I hope my wind is able to handle between three and four miles at a time, a pace I hope to maintain for some months.

This past week was not so great, but I figure I had to trip and fall sometime. Now to pick myself up and keep running.

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