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Running Update: Week 2

I continued my running regimen this week, albeit with less than perfect fidelity. The second week of anything is usually the most difficult for me, for it is then that my extreme sloth strives to take the wheel. I fell in love with running last Wednesday, but already on this Tuesday I wanted to do nothing less than wake up with the dawn and run across the prairies. But still, though it suffered this week, I truly do like the twice daily running. It improves my mood (for I am seldom happier than after a run) and it provides respite from my studies. Despite these setbacks, I did hit my six miles, and I even doubled my wind again! I can hit 1.2 miles without rest; a slight achievement, to be sure, but a worthwhile one, for I have not been able to do this for quite some time. I am hopeful that this pattern shall persist; that next week I shall be able to hit two miles, then four, and then....who knows? bi-daily runs at four miles per run would get me to forty miles a week, which, I think, is an excellent pace for an amateur.

I have also discovered the joys of running in inclement weather and running barefoot. The first week, my ankles were rather sore - due, I think, to insufficient exercise - and running in shoes was uncomfortable. But after superficial Internet research, I decided to give it a try: and it was magical! One may run silently as an animal. As soon as my feet toughen I shall be able to do all my runs this way, instead of one or two per week. And running in the rain? Indescribable. That day I finally hit my 1.2 mile goal, trotting resolutely through an absolute downpour. I have never been more pleased, not even during a nighttime run, though these come close.

All in all, a decent week. This coming Monday, Day 15 and the start of the third week, is likely to be the hardest. But I should easily be able to hit two miles by Thursday or Friday, if only I keep up the bi-daily pace. And then I shall have achieved my first goal: running like Benjamin Adnam.* Six miles this week, 12 miles next week. Let's make it happen.

*Inspired by the account of his post-submarine running regimen in Patrick Robinson's HMS Unseen. Unfortunately, I misremembered. Adnam does in fact run twice a day, but his ending distance is eight miles, twice daily, not two. I may never reach such a lofty goal. 

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